Q: I have an idea for a workshop/ blog, but I need some help planning out what to do next. Who do I speak with?

A: Please get in touch with the SU Skills Training Team to discuss your idea. You can send us an email, use the register interest button, or drop by our office to say hi and book a meeting with a member of the team. We can offer formal training, informal ideas, idea for activities, access to resources, and much more.

Q: Do I have to organize a workshop to attend other skills training workshops?

A: No, you are very welcome to attend workshops without organising one of your own.

Q: If I want to organise a workshop or write a blog, what is the time commitment?

A: Writing a blog or organising a workshop is a one-off time commitment. (But we hope you will have so much fun that you’ll want to do it again!) The process involves meeting with the Skills Training team to plan out the logistics of your workshops, preparing before the workshop (including advertising and set-up) and running the workshop (including any tear-down). This will vary depending on the workshop/ blog that you plan. The Skills Training Team will provide you with support to book rooms, create sign-ups, print registers, etc.

Q: If I run a workshop, do I need to advertise?

A: Yes! Advertising is an important part of running a workshop as you want to let other students know what you’re offering and when it will take place. Marketing is a great opportunity to showcase your passion, experience, and ideas through written and/or visual media. The Skills Training Team will help you to plan your marketing and connect you with SU Marketing for wider promotion. We will also do some marketing of the workshop ourselves.

Q: How can I get resources for my workshop?

A: We don’t want running a workshop to cost you anything, so we have loads of great resources you can borrow. Peer pong anyone?

If you need something different, please speak to the Peer Support Team about the possibility of purchasing additional resources. It’s very important that you have this conversation prior to purchasing any resources.