Become a Training Facilitator

Share your experience as a student leader with your peers.

As a student leader, you have many experiences and have developed many skills which you can share with your peers. Delivering training is also a brilliant way to develop communication, presentation, facilitation, and leadership skills and further your understanding of what you do and looks amazing on a CV or LinkedIn profile.

Team up with a Student Trainer or staff member

Student trainers have a wealth of experience in delivering training to fellow students and are always keen to work with other students. They’re a great place to start if you want to work with someone to deliver training. Also, staff across the SU deliver loads of training - including the Student Leader Development Programme - and you could team up with them to deliver different training sessions.

Meet the Student Trainers

Email us to discuss possible collaborations

Bring what you do to a wider audience

Sports clubs, societies, and other groups do amazing things and running a training session can be a great way to share them as well as reach potential new members. The Peer Support Team can offer support in planning your session and managing signups, or help you collaborate with a Student Trainer or staff member in the SU.

Tips for training

Email us to discuss running a training session

Train new leaders

Current student leaders have valuable experiences they can share with new student leaders. Previous opportunities include lead peer mentors co-delivering training for new peer mentors and committee members being involved in groups training day.

Speak to your SU contacts if you are interested in getting involved in training.

Create online resources

Training isn’t just limited to live sessions – blogs, how-to guides, and other resources are an important help for students. Students value hearing from their peers in lots of different ways. There are also opportunities to film videos on key topics for online training modules, the SU website, and social media. It's also really easy to share online resources on your LinkedIn profile to share and celebrate what you're doing in your student leader role.

Email us to discuss ideas

Stepping up and delivering training to peers can be scary so all facilitators will be offered a train the trainer workshop or a chat with a member of staff from the SU. Here, students can explore ideas for planning engaging training and skills for facilitating sessions effectively.

Got the training bug? If so, you can become a Student Trainer yourself and deliver regular training sessions on topics that matter to you.

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