Documents and Grievance Procedure

Please take a look at our constitution and our development plan to see our goals and aims for the society, and check out the risk assessment so that you can stay safe while playing table top games.

Below is the procedure if there are any issues with the games that are being played. Ideally, no such grievances will occur, but if they do please adhere to the steps below.

Grievance/EGM procedure
If a GM has an issue in a game they are running, it is encouraged that they try to solve the problem within the group. If progress is not found, they should bring the issue to the attention of the Roleplaying Officer, who will attempt to solve the issue, and if no conclusion is found, it will be brought before the rest of the Committee, who will follow the procedure below.

An EGM must be called if 6 (or more) members of the society request one in writing to the chair and secretary. The EGM will occur at the beginning of the first Monday session after the next session after the EGM is called.

If a grievance is raised against a committee member, a vote of no confidence can be called at an EGM. A simple majority of those present is required to pass (50%+1). If successful, a new election is called for two weeks after the EGM. Anyone who is eligible to stand may stand for this election (including the person ejected by the EGM), following standard election procedure.

If the EGM is not due to a grievance against a committee member, those calling the EGM must present their problem to the society. The chair is responsible for finding a solution to the problem raised. The chair will then present a solution to the problem within one week of the EGM. If no solution can be found, the default solution will be for the committee to consult with the SU to determine a solution.

Regardless of the outcome of the EGM, the same issue may not be raised for two weeks, and the body of people calling for an EGM for the same issue must change.