Pub Social

Every 3rd Wednesday, members from all sections of the society head down to a pub for food and social games. People attending Boardgames often head down together, and those who didn't meet us there at about 19:00.

We always ask for people to state they are coming on our discord a few hours beforehand. You're unlikely to be turned away if you don't do this, but you might be if we exceed capacity. This rarely happens as we usually expect around 15-20 members, but it's best to make sure.

The Pub

We head to The Bath Cider House where most attendees will order food. If you are having trouble finding it, please contact a committee member.


Some members will drink in moderation, but heavy drinking is discouraged (we'll be playing games so you'll want your wits about you).

Getting home

We usually head back together, so you will likely have someone to walk to the bus stop with. If you are living on campus, a committee member who also lives on campus will usually travel back with you. When this is not the case, if necessary, we can show you to the bus stop.