What We Do

Taiwanese Society is for anyone to share their interest in Taiwanese culture! We look forward for non-Taiwanese and Taiwanese to join us.

We, the Bath Taiwanese Society, exist to provide opportunity for Students to appreciate core values of Taiwan (advances in economy, human rights and democracy) and important role it plays globally. We do this by sharing experiences of how Taiwan has achieved these values within 50 years. We strive to make Taiwan more recognised to the world.

Key Society Aims and Objectives:

1. Promoting greater understanding of the rich culture of Taiwan. 

 To share the culture of Taiwan and emphasize its values and what makes it unique among other East Asian countries, and give the chance to all the students that are interested in the Taiwanese culture to find out more about it. We plan to host various events throughout the year such as social gatherings, trips, activities, academic talks and more to further enrich all students and our members' university experience at bath. 

2. Providing a social plat form  which members can communicate, share academic studying skills, and deal with stresses. 

To provide a comfort  place where Taiwanese students can meet other students that share their interests, help them make new friends and give them the feeling of having a home away from home. We also offer opportunities to share information from their lectures, and improve studying skills and which completely different from Asian education systems. Otherwise, graduation can pass on their study experiences to freshmen, and introduce work in Taiwanese to all students who are interested in having jobs in Taiwanese in the future. 

Reasons to Join Us

it is a friendly and heartwarming home for all our members. You will have deep understandings of Taiwanese cultures.

1. Taiwanese food festivals. 
This event aims to invite all students to taste Taiwanese world famous local delicacies ( such as, bubble tea, pineapple cakes, stinky tofu, etc), and share the recipes to them. We will introduce our food culture by playing game, and provide free food for tasting 
Taiwanese Food festival has been held almost all cities in the UK annually, and almost all Taiwanese societies in universities have held this event. Various regional styles Taiwanese foods are presented. This event showcases the latest trends of food & beverage from Taiwan. 
Once an academic year.
Need: Physical and virtual channel to promote events, Activity space.

2. Traditional Festivals
These events including some traditional festivals, such as Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival aim to share Taiwanese customs and history to all students, and we will teach them how to celebrate them. Such event will improve students’ experiences by creating opportunity for them to explore the idea and effects of culture. 
4 times an academic year.
Need: Physical and virtual channel to promote events, Activity space.

Coming soon: Bath Taiwanese Society T-shirts