Merhaba! Welcome to our University of Bath Turkish Society Webpage!

What We Do

Here in TurSoc, our aim is to exist to present our culture and traditions to our campus community and to help each other through this incredible experience of being in a widely internationalised environment. We believe that getting to know a whole different culture and custom is a unique personal development opportunity. We will be organising events that reflect our culture in which synergy and coalescence are essential. Our society welcomes every individual regardless of their nationality and belief. We are aiming to create a supportive and inclusive community.

Hence, as we realized that the Turkish population within the University is growing each year and it seems to increase further in the following years, we thought it is beneficial, especially for newcomers, to have a society as we could help each other while trying to accustom the culture of being in a highly international community (and the rainy weather, different-tasting water and utterly distinctive cuisine). 

Reasons to Join Us

Variety of events are planned for the year, including society dinners in which we will introduce some of our signature dishes, Turkish Nights to present Turkish music culture to our fellow members, and gatherings for our special dates and holidays… Be sure to check out our events! If you want to know more about our culture, meet new people and have a good time while doing so, come join us!

If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us, you are all welcome here. 




General Committee Member