What We Do



If you're interested in Vietnamese culture, fascinated by scrumptious tradtitional Vietnamese food, and want to join our exciting activities (ranging from sports, outings to Cultural Performances) or simply are looking forward to chill out with your Vietnamese friends, you're just one click away!

Our society's main aim is to give support in every possible way to Vietnamese students who are currently studying in Bath or wish to study in Bath in the future, as well as to bring our unique Vietnamese culture closer to international friends. Since the first year of establishment, we have organised a great number of exciting events including cultural promotion, art shows, socials, football tournaments, etc. Most recently, our members participated in various day trips to Brighton, Oxford, as well as Go-Karting and Laser tag outings.

This year we promise there will be more to come: new trips, more members, more exciting events. We will double the fun with the help of our lovely members, old and new. So why not become a member of our family and make your years in Bath even more fantastic and memorable? :)

We are more than happy to have you with us and spread the fun :D!

Reasons to Join Us

As part of our society, you are entitled to participate in our exciting events throughout the year, including barbecues, culture show, day trips, and so on. Moreover, there are other great ways that you can take advantage of our memberships, one of which is to get discounts from various restaurants in town including Bamboo Sushi, Salathai, Yen sushi, Panasia Thai and many more. Why wait? We look forward to seeing you!

Check us out on Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/vietbath 

Check us out on Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/169477406875