Liberation Network

What is Liberation Network?

A group of students that represent the diversity of our student body (often shortened to LibNet within The SU).

"We hope the network empowers student voice, giving student representatives a safe space to raise any inclusivity challenges relevant to students in their demographic. This way the network can collaborate on representation work and we, as an SU, can hear about the difficulties underrepresented groups are facing, discussing how we can best address these" - Meg Crossman, Community Officer

Read more of Meg's LibNet annoucement blog by clicking here.

What is the purpose of Liberation Network?

  • For the Community Officer to consult the network on various Equality & Diversity issues. 
  • To provide student representatives the space to raise Equality, Diversity, or Inclusion issues with their student experience. 
  • To discuss campaign opportunities and cooperate on representation work. 
  • To give NUS delegates and EDIC reps the opportunity to talk to representatives about University and national ED&I issues. 
  • SU and University stakeholders can ask the committee for consultation or feedback on various ED&I issues. 
  • To consider issues raised by D&S groups or the D&S exec. 
  • To discuss and feedback on queries and issues raised by other student groups regarding Equality, Diversity, or Inclusion issues.

Who goes to Liberation Network?

Ex-Officio Members (members due to their position in SU)

  • The SU Community Officer
  • Welfare and Inclusivity Officer from Sports Exec
  • The two Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) Reps
  • The five NUS Liberation Delegates 
    • Black Students* delegate
    • Women's delegate
    • Disabled student delegate
    • LGBT+ delegate
    • Trans delegate

Representatives from Student Diversity & Support groups

  • 1x representative from Race Equality Group
  • 1x representative from LGBT+
  • 1x representative from Feminism and Gender Equality Group
  • 1x representative from Disability Action Group
  • 1x representative from Mature Students Group

Representatives elected directly onto Liberation Network

  • 1x BAME** student representative (elected by cross-campus ballot)
  • 1x BME*** student representative (elected by cross-campus ballot)
  • 1x Student Parent representative (elected by cross-campus ballot)
  • Up to 2 student Mental Health representatives (elected by cross-campus ballot)
  • 1x Faith & Cultural representative (elected by cross-campus ballot)

Meeting dates (2021-2022)

  • Tuesday 16 November 12:15-13:05
  • Tuesday 14 December 12:15-13:05
  • Tuesday 08 February 12:15-13:05
  • Tuesday 08 March 12:15-13:05
  • Tuesday 05 April 12:15-13:05
  • Tuesday 03 May 12:15-13:05

Role description

All members of Liberation Network have very similar duties and responsibilities, the key difference between roles is the specific communities and characteristics that the members represent. Check out the generic Liberation Network role description by clicking below.

Lib Net Member Role Description


*Black = used as an inclusive term to represent those from African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean and South American communities

**BAME = BAME includes Asian, Black, Mixed and Other ethnic groups but excludes White minorities. Ethnicity is self-declared at enrolment.

***BME = Black Minority Ethnic Group

We recognise the diversity of individual identities and lived experiences and we also recognise that BAME is an imperfect term.