COVID-19 - Updated 20th Oct 2020

As you can imagine, COVID-19 is going to have a huge effect on us, and we are all going to try our best to help you get out there and start windsurfing. We will keep this webpage as up-to-date as possible with the most relevant information as possible.

Lake Trips

We are all go! Current restrictions are allowing us to go ahead as usual. We are limited to two cars and 6 windsurfers at once. If we think that for a certain session that it is more advantageous to members to have our instructor on teh water on a board as well, we will limit a session to 5 members.

It is more preferable for members to have their own wetsuits, but if you don't, you can borrow one of ours. There are no changing rooms at Chew, so we will set up a small area behind our trailer to try and give you some privacy when changing.

SWA Events

Whilst there has been no update from the SWA yet over the Core and Wave events due to happen this coming year, we can only assume that all events will be postponed until further notice.

Intermediate/Advanced Windsurfing at Weymouth OTC

Previously, we used to be able to subsidise part of the £50 fee for a day's hire of equipment at the OTC. However, the this year's SU budget, and so ours as well, has had to reduce. Therefore, we aren't yet sure whether we will be able to subsidise some of the fee. However, £50 is still an absolute bargain for a days hire and is an offer that no other university has.

Further Questions

If you have any further question, please email us at and we will get back to you as quick as we can