Weymouth and The Official Test Centre

We organise trips to Weymouth for those who want to hire kit from the OTC and those who have their own kit. Trips are largely dependent on wind and Weymouth is the sailing centre of the UK and one of the most reliable spots for good wind (especially when a storm is blowing through). Even when it’s absolutely howling the water is pretty and flat in any wind direction as the bay is protected by sea barriers. The water out from the OTC is very shallow for quite a way out, making launching and landing really easy. If you see wind and want to go then contact one of the committee and they will see what can be organised in terms of transport and making sure there are enough tickets available for the OTC.


New for this year we are running trips to Weymouth for intermediate and advanced windsurfers. We have an agreement with the Official Test Centre (OTC) in Weymouth which gives us a discounted rate for using their equipment at £50 per person per day (Bath windsurfing will subsidise this cost). We are being given a very good deal which no other university windsurf club has access to. We think it is something that will really benefit our members, especially those who already windsurf, those who have learnt the basics with us on Chew Valley Lake Trips and those who don’t have their own kit. It is an opportunity for those who want to progress and enjoy windsurfing beyond the lake.


Bath Windsurfing used to be able to subsidise half of the cost making the cost to you only £25 per person per day, however the SU budget is expected to be much lower this year due to COVID-19 and so we don't know whether we will be able to subsidise the cost. However, even at £50 you get and amazing bargain as you have free reign over the best 2019/2020 kit that the OTC has to offer.

Required Skill Level, Weymouth and Safety

To ensure people get the most out of these sessions, there is a minimum level of windsurfing required, unlike for Chew Valley Lake Trips. Weymouth can be a lot more challenging and is only really suitable for intermediate and advanced windsurfers. There is unlikely to be any instruction available down in Weymouth (unless you pay the OTC for a lesson) therefore, it is a chance for you to improve and enjoy your windsurfing on your own, with a few tips from fellow Bath windsurfers. The OTC will cover the safety of their clients but we don’t want to abuse this as we want to build a long-term relationship that will hopefully result in cheaper rental in the future so please sensibly assess whether you can manage the conditions before going out.

The minimum standard for attending an OTC trip is being able to stay upwind on a board without a dagger board in more than 15 knots, using the harness comfortably and planing (foot straps not required, but you should be starting to flap your feet in their rough direction). 


We are insured via the SU policy for damages but will incur a £250 excess to be paid in any claim per incident (not per broken item). As Bath Windsurfing cannot afford to pay this you must sign a disclaimer accepting full responsibility to pay this excess before attending. The OTC will make you pay to cover any damage.

Organisation, Kit and Travel

Trips will be organised through the club by the secretary, where possible as much notice given to allow other club members to join. Notice will unfortunately vary as trips will be organised on the basis of wind. Tickets for the OTC kit hire can be purchased on the Windsurfing section of the SU website in the ‘products’ tab. The more people that go in one car, the cheaper it is for everyone involved and fuel costs will be met by those attending and settled directly with the drive but will be about £20-25 per car.

You must take all the kit you require with you [e.g. wetsuits, harnesses, boots, gloves etc.] as it is not always possible to rent these and it’s not cheap to buy equipment when you get there!

OTC Disclaimer Form