Get the most out of the week by purchasing our Freshers’ Week Wristband, giving you free, priority access to the majority of Freshers’ Week Events.

FW21 Wristband

The FW21 Wristband is the only official University of Bath Freshers' Week Wristband that gives you access to the campus based exclusive events for University of Bath Freshers. The wristband gives you access to our flagship arena nights as well as priority access to other exclusive FW events. View the what's on page to see the range of events.

The wristband can only be purchased once you’ve registered with the University and your SU account has been activated. They are on sale now only from this webpage.

Important COVID Safety Information

Please note we are taking extra safety measures to ensure the safety of our staff and guests, so to attend any nightclub or arena events you will need to pass a COVID check prior to entry. All COVID Check events are highlighted on the what’s on timetable.

Fast Track Entry

To enable students the quickest possible entry into the venues each night we will be able to do COVID checks upon wristband collection. This is only relevant for those who have either of the following:

Option A:

A Valid UK NHS Travel Covid Pass showing:

  • Proof of double vaccination (or single Janssen vaccine)
  • Proof of immunity through PCR Test valid until the end of Freshers' Week.

We will check the travel pass by scanning the QR Code and will need to see a photo ID to confirm the name

Option B:

A EU Digital COVID Certificate, with proof you have been in the UK for more than 72 hours(plane ticket, boarding pass with your name on it).

We will scan the QR Code on your digital certification and confirm the details against your photo ID. For more info and to get a certificate please visit EU Digital COVID Certificate | European Commission ( If you have not been in the UK for more than 72 hours at the point of wristband collection, you will not be able to get the fast-track wristband straight away but you will be able to swap your wristband after the 72 hour point.

If you have not been in the UK for more than 72 hours at the point of wristband collection, you will not be able to get the fast-track wristband straight away but you will be able to swap your wristband after the 72 hour point.

Those who can show either of the above will get a different coloured fast-track wristband which will be valid for the whole week and will allow quicker access to the events.

General Entry

If you are not able to show the above on wristband collection you will be required to show the following upon entry each night and will be given a different coloured wristband.

  • Proof of a negative Lateral Flow test through the NHS App
  • Proof of a negative Lateral Flow test through an NHS text message. (This can be obtained by submitting results on the NHS website and will not require a NHS number)

You will still get access to the same event you will just enter through a different queue.

Unfortunately we are not currently able to verify non-EU vaccination certificates so make sure you pick up some lateral flow tests on arrival.

If government policy changes around this issue, we will update our website and social media channels to inform you of any changes. We will not be able to offer any refunds based on government guidance changes unless the event is cancelled.

We understand this isn’t an ideal situation, so we want to take the opportunity to tell you why we’ve made this decision. The SU is a registered charity, and we rely on donations and income from places like our bars. For example, every time you purchase a burger or a pint from us, that money gets reinvested into providing you with the best experience possible. However, without these essential avenues of income, due to the pandemic, we’re having to be a bit more careful with our funding. Our promise to you is that all the money we receive from the wristbands will be reinvested back into your Freshers' events. We want to offer you the best Freshers’ experience possible and to do that, we hope you can understand why we can’t offer refunds in this instance. The SU is made up of all of us- we keep it going, and with your support, we can build a better space for us all to enjoy. With your help, our SU can thrive.

Lateral flow tests are free to pick up in packs of 7 on campus.

Purchase a Wristband

Check out the steps for purchasing your wristband below.

1. Register

You will be invited by the University, usually in early September, to Register Online (ROL). Please be patient whilst your registration is processed.

2. Wait for Activation

Once the University have fully confirmed your registration (fees paid, documents checked etc), your data is sent to us and your SU account is automatically activated. You will then be able to login to using your University Single Sign On credentias. Note: it can take up to 24hrs for your account to activate after registration is complete.

3. Purchase

When registration and activation is complete, purchase a wristband below.

4. Confirm

View your purchase history on the SU website to make sure your transaction was successful.

5. Collect

Wristbands can be collected from The Tub (The SU nightclub) on Saturday 25 September & Sunday 26 September on arrivals weekend between 12:00 – 17:00 only. There will be a final collection on Monday 27 September from  12:00 - 15:00 in The Tub. Please ask anyone at our information points if you need directions to the venue. 

FW21 Wristband

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