SU Sport Officer Update - VC Breakfast

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SU Sport Officer Update

VC Breakfast

Last thursday, I invited students leaders within sport who have been influential within their club, or sport as a whole and been extremely active resukting in success to their club, to a breakfast with the Vice Chancellor Ian White. The morning took place in The Woodlands Residence, with crossiants, tea, coffee and juice served. General chatter took place, then Ian, Cassie and myself said a few words, followed by each student representative go around the table and say a few words about why they were invited.

I invited members of my Sport Exec to discuss what they have been up to on the exec, and how that has impacted Sport so far this semester, they discussed upcoming events and projects they have been a part of.

Rugby Union, both men's and women's representatives attended to discuss the successful season so far for their teams, in particular, Women's Rugby 1XV who are undefeated in their BUCS League, as well as a successful development for their 2XV's with their first fixture win!

Furthermore, I had both Archery and Yoga attend to discuss their successful membership intake and how they have taken the initiative to meet the demands of a large membership base, to highlight, Yoga have sessions on everyday except Saturday and have exceeded their membership target by over 150 people.

Netball, Rugby Men's Union and Ultimate frisbee spoke around frustrations of loosing a BUCS team this season, but expressed what they have done to keep an offer for those individuals in those teams, and how it has helped increase the recreational offer for clubs, concluding in an increase in membership numbers for all teams.

Touch rugby attended and discussed how they have established themselves as an individual club after splitting off from Rugby Union and League this season, which has been extremely successful for them. 

Overall, the breakfast was a great experience for these student leaders to meet the Vice Chancellor, Ian White and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Student Experience, Cassie Wilson, and express challenges and success they have experienced so far, and what the future of sport at the university looks like for the students.