I have never poled before...what do I wear/bring to class?

Wear whatever is going to be most comfortable for you to move your body in. However, you will need skin out to grip onto the pole. We recommend a tank top ot sports bra and short shorts that expose the backs of your knees as a baseline and then add whatever you need on top to be comfortable (like a t-shirt). 

Please remember to bring water and remove any jewelry. Please do not moisturise at least four hours before class so you don't slide!


Where is the studio located? 

Funky Monkey Studio, 18A, St Peters Terrace, Bath BA2 3BT. To get there from campus, take a Uni of Bath bus to Lorne Road and then walk 3 minutes


Do I have to be super strong to pole?

Nope - but we can guarantee you're stronger than you think! Like all sports, you will build up your strength throughout your pole journey. There will be conditioning incorporated into all classes to help build strength and flexibility.  Remember, everyone has to start somewhere!


I’m not flexible...will that be a problem?

Not at all! You will gradually build your flexibility through conditioning in class, and Sunday Stretch classes can really help your progress.


I’m not a dancer...will that matter?

Nope – all you have to do is move! There are so many different types of pole – flow, spinning, static, tricks, heels… find what speaks to you and go for it.


I'm super nervous to start pole...any advice? 

It's normal to feel intimidated when trying something new; remember, you will be surrounded by people who are in the same boat as you and will be guided by experienced teachers and others who have poled! PoleSoc is a judgement-free environment where you can express yourself freely and find joy and strength through movement. If you have any further questions send a quick message the PoleSoc Instagram! 


What are you doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

PoleSoc and Funky Monkey Studio are following the most updated University and UK Government COVID-19 guidelines, respectively. All students will have their temperature checked prior to entering the studio. There are 15-minute gaps between classes and taster sessions for all equipment to be sanitised. Please do not attend a taster session or class if you are experiencing COVID symptoms.