Candidate for the position of Sport Officer

Hannah Preece

About Me

I’m from a town called Crediton in rural Mid Devon (although, unfortunately, I can’t drive a tractor!). I’m 21, and in my final year of a maths degree, having completed a placement at the Welsh Government in Cardiff last year.

I’ve always enjoyed sport, and first played badminton at the age of 10. This soon became my main sport, playing Junior County since U13s, and I’ve been in the Devon Senior First team for 5 years. At Bath, I have been heavily involved in the badminton club playing for the ladies’ first team, and even taking days off work to play BUCS matches last year! I was secretary in my second year and am currently Chair and captain of the ladies first team.

Away from sport, I have always loved music. As those fortunate squad members who travelled to BUCS individuals in my car know, I cannot drive without singing along to some cheesey tunes! I have Grade 8 trumpet, and have played in the Montreux Jazz festival, Disneyland Paris and Italy with my school jazz band. I also love attempting to play the ukulele, and there aren’t many instruments that I wouldn’t love to be able to play!

If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • Have Power: Let’s get YOU involved in how SU Sport progresses - I will always welcome your ideas, and work to make them possible
  • Holistic Participation – Recreational: I will ensure our recreational offer is clearer and sustainable, working to have a plan in place once the 3:Thirty club funding ends next summer
  • Holistic Participation – Inclusive: I will work to provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved in sport, including post graduates, and even alumni
  • High Performance – Kit: I will pre-order kit before summer, and work closely with clubs and Surridge to achieve better predictions of how much kit we will need

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#HPSport – Have Power, Holistic Participation and High Performance

Sport at Bath has given me so many opportunities and had a massive impact on the person I am today – arriving as a shy fresher starting a maths degree 4 years ago, I never thought I would become Chair of a club of 350 members and Captain of the Badminton Ladies 1st Team.   Now I want to give something back, and ensure YOU can benefit from the opportunities available through getting involved in sport at any level.

The #HPSport Recipe:


I believe the most important thing as an SU officer is representing YOUR views. I will always welcome your ideas, and work to make them possible.  Let’s start this process now - tweet me your ideas with #HPSport, or talk to me on Parade and let’s get YOU involved in how SU Sport progresses.



  • I will work to have a plan in place to continue the brilliant work done by the 3:Thirty Club in providing recreational sport once the funding ends next Summer, pushing for resources for a permanent member of staff, and ensuring our recreational offer is sustainable and clearer.
  • Having set up a badminton Inter Halls League this semester, I can help more clubs provide competitive recreational sport.


  • I will build on the strong working relationship I have developed with the STV Facilities Sales & Development Manager, to optimise our use of existing facilities, as well as maximising our use of the funding available to utilise town space.

Post Graduates

  • What do you want from SU sport?  I will work closely with the new Post Graduate Officer to answer this question and work to make it happen.


  • We have amazing people pass through our sports clubs, let’s invite them to an Alumni Tournament, and answer the all-important question… Who’s better: Past or Present?!



  • Our committees do fantastic work for their clubs, let’s help them remain high performing by ensuring they get the support they need, and starting the hand over process earlier, so new committees are ready to hit the ground running.


  • Surridge’s service this year has been unacceptable.  I will ensure we pre-order kit before summer, and work closely with clubs and Surridge to achieve better predictions of how much kit we will need.


  • Ever had a last minute problem before a match? I will provide access to sport office staff earlier than 10am on a Wednesday.
  • We are a successful sporting university, but let’s not be complacent - we all work better with a goal in mind. Let’s start setting stretching but achievable targets for clubs and teams, and consider how we can resource and support teams to achieve these goals.


I can guarantee that as your Sport Officer, I will commit myself fully to improving sport at the University, and working on the problems that matter most to YOU.

So for #HPSport VOTE Hannah Preece for Sport!

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