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Our Purpose

To Drive Social Change through Entrepreneurship.

What Is Enactus?

Enactus teams are formed by University students who are looking to take Entrepreneurial Action to benefit their communities. 

Enactus Bath is one of over 1,000 University Teams worldwide looking to create a Social Impact.

We start projects with the aim of creating Social Enterprises.

These are businesses that have both Commercial and Social aims. Take a look at our projects to find out more!

Our projects

1. Little Bag of Happiness: Is our signature product: a small bag filled with homemade gifts designed to spread joy and tackle the drop in morale of students! This year, the LBOH team are looking to open an online store, expand into local markets and increase our project range, so keep your eyes peeled!

2. Reconnect: A project that aims to reconnect students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with understanding their skills and connecting them with potential employers. The Reconnect team have carried out the first assessment centre training activity in collaboration with a careers advisor, to help ASD students understand what it would be like in the real world of finding a job.

3. We Get It: This project is in collaboration with We Get It - an organisation in Bath which provides support and information to people dealing with cancer. Enactus are developing the organisation's business model as part of this collaboration. This year we will be exploring the sale of a 'Cancer Care Package' as a potential revenue stream.

4. Commercial Team - NEW!  Our goal is to create exciting and engaging events, which will support our projects financially and aid to the expansion of our teams universal acknowledgment.

OR You can lead your OWN social project! 

Find out more on our website: www.enactusbath.org 

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