Come Join Enactus to Drive Social Change through Entrepreneurship!

Enactus offers students the opportunity to connect with the Leaders of tomorrow. With our industry partners and resources, you can develop your own social venture to impact our community. 


Aside from creating new innovative solutions for social problems, you can also join one of our current projects. 


Little Bag of Happiness

The Little Bag of Happiness stays true to its name. It's a small bag filled with homemade and useful gifts designed to aid periods of stress, loneliness and low morale in the elderly community. The project has survived the pandemic and we have sent 40+ gift bags to the elderly in our community! For this year, we intend to expand our reach and design better gift bags for everyone :)

Project Leader: Mohammad Ali Imran
Vice project leader: Anu Damor

Project E-mail: littlebagsofhappiness@gmail.com
Instagram: little_bags_of_happiness
Facebook: Little Bags of Happiness


A project that aims to Reconnect students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with potential employers. Through skills workshops and by promoting neurodiversity in the workplace, Reconnect advocates for the struggles of autistic young people in the workplace, supporting and empowering them on their journey to employment. Reconnect wants to give everyone the opportunity they deserve regardless of their difficulties. The Reconnect team have already carried out an assessment centre training activity in collaboration with a career’s advisor, which resulted in six ASD students feeling more confident and knowing where to improve when they attend a real assessment centre. 

Project Leader: Jasneet Sond
Vice project leader: Tom Broadbent
Instagram: bath.reconnect 
LinkedIn: Reconnect UK

Work 4 All

One of the key issues in Bath is homelessness and unemployment many people live in temporary accommodation since they cannot afford to live in a house. 

Project Work 4 All aims to tackle this problem by working with small businesses in Bath. In cooperation with a homeless house such as Julian House, we will match homeless people with a small business in need of employees to work. We would provide them with guidance and training throughout the whole application process. In order to give them the best shot to become employed. ?

Project Leader: Taamara Kelappan
Vice project leader: Anshika Garg


Get to know our partners

Our new committee is carefully cultivating an environment where everyone feels comfortable in expressing all their ideas. We can't wait to drive social change together! After all, Enactus depends on YOU to accomplish its ULTIMATE MISSION: TAKE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTION FOR OTHERS CREATE A BETTER WORLD FOR US ALL!




Committee Role

Enactus - General Committee Member

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