Event: The Secret City

On Saturday 10 October 2020 at 12:01am - 11:59pm

Location: Bath city centre

So you think you know Bath pretty well? You've done the tourist hotspots, you know the best cafes and the best shortcuts... but how well do you know the hidden city under the surface?

The Secret City takes you on a trail across the city centre - questions that lead you off the beaten track and really test whether you're a true Bathonian!

If you took part in our February The Secret City and loved it, you can do this one too... we've got all new questions! Unlike before, we won't be gathering together in the city centre.

What are the arrangements?

Tickets are free (see below) and we'll be releasing the questions on Friday 9th October to everyone who registers so you've got all weekend to find the answers around Bath city centre. We'll be giving the answers on Monday 12th October.

You can follow the trail around the city centre on your own or with others in your household. You can do it in one go, or a question or two at at time over the weekend.

Could I google the answers?

In most cases it would be pretty hard to find the answers online. You'd have to do so much research that it would be easier (and more fun) to just do the trail! 

The Secret City is a postgraduate event organised by the Postgraduate Association.


£0.00 (Postgraduate Ticket)