Event: University Championships Football Tournament

Wednesday 24 April 2024 at 4pm - 6:30pm

3G Pitch Sports Training Village

The University of Bath Football Tournament, scheduled for the 24th of April 2024, is set to make history as a groundbreaking event that will firmly establish the University of Bath as a powerhouse in university football. Drawing together 20 of the finest universities from across the UK, this one-day tournament promises fierce competition and unparalleled excitement.

Divided into separate tournaments for male and female teams, where the winner will be crowned champion and take all the glory. Admission to this thrilling spectacle is free, allowing fans and enthusiasts alike to witness top-tier football action firsthand.

In collaboration with Campus TV and Backstage, we have spared no effort in ensuring that this event receives the spotlight it deserves. From an electrifying pre-show featuring dazzling flame and light displays to the epic finals, every moment is poised to captivate and inspire.

Join us in discovering who will emerge triumphant as the victors of the University Championships, proudly presented by the University of Bath. Secure your ticket now and be a part of sporting history in the making!

University Championships Football Tournament

Organised by: Association Football & Futsal