Societies Section
Running your society
Share ideas and get help with problems in here!
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Society Event Feedback
Been to an event and loved it? Been to an event and thought it could have been done better? Here is your space to comment on events. This will also give the Activities Office more information on events in preparation for the Activities Awards!
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What can we do better?!
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Film Suggestions
Suggest Films here!
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A place for BUIS members to discuss issues regarding our society
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Band Forming Forum
A forum for people who wish to get together with other musicians to form bands
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Equipment For Sale
If you have any equipment you'd like to sell, or if you're looking to buy, post in here!
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General MusicSoc Discussion Forum
A forum for MusicSoc to discuss and debate anything
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Teaching and Lessons
For people who teach an instrument or musical discipline, and those who want to learn from them
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Questions about BathMUN
If you have any questions about BathMUN have them answered here!
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