What We Do

We strive to build a second home for everyone with a connection to Latin America no matter how; be it interest in dance, heritage, music or partying this the place you want to be. With the aim to bring everyone closer to Latin America and express our vibrant nature through a variety of cultural events. Providing a comfortable successful life in Bath and an entertaining, memorable life outside academia through sports and other cultural or social events we will provide.

By also provide a platform for students to feel comfortable in such a large, mobile environment. Members can share interests, ideas and opinions whilst Latin Americans can experience that nostalgic ‘home’ feeling. 


Reasons to Join Us

Take part in various events throughout the year with our friendly members and welcoming committee in:

  • Dance events, where you will learn and enjoy numerous dance styles (e.g. Salsa, Merengue etc.)
  • Participate in sports teams such as futsal, badminton, football etc. (Very chill)
  • Enjoy food nights where you eat all varieties Latin American cuisine (e.g. Ceviche, Empanadas etc.)
  • Surround yourself with Latin Americans and learn languages and culture from each other (e.g. Spanish, French, Portuguese etc.)

Indulge in all of this and more, but most importantly enjoy the people and community around you in Latin American Society!



Social Secretary

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer