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URB Competitions - Terms & Conditions

University Radio Bath’s Freshers’ Week 2017 Competitions and Prize Giveaways: Terms and Conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply to University Radio Bath’s Freshers’ Week 2017 Competitions and Prize Giveaways.

1. The following rules of University Radio Bath, apply to the ‘Freshers’ Week 2017 Competitions and Prize Giveaways’, which will run from Monday 25th September 2017 until Saturday 30th September 2017, on University Radio Bath Facebook page, Twitter page and on-campus broadcast.
2. Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have understood these Rules

Details of the Competition:
3. To enter the competition on:
Monday 25th September 2017, entrants must comment their funniest joke on the Facebook post; the joke with the most likes wins. Prize is valid until Thursday 27th October 2017, excluding Saturday’s.
Tuesday 26th September 2017, entrants comment what animal they would most like to be and why on the Facebook post, the most creative comment wins. Prize is valid until Saturday 31st March 2018.
Wednesday 27th September 2017, Entrants tag the three friends they would take with them and re-share the post, we use random selector website to choose winner. Entry is for Monday 2nd October 2017.
Thursday 28th September, Entrants find us on campus, take a photo in our URB picture frame, we upload their photo to our Facebook page, they tag themselves, and the post with the most likes wins. The code is valid until Wednesday 11th October 2017.
Friday 29th September, Entrants must like and share the post, tagging the friend that they would take with them; we will when randomly select a winner. Valid for 6 months, until Thursday 29th March 2018.
Saturday 30th September, Entrants must share and comment on the post, tagging the friend they would take, and explain why they would take them. Valid until 31st October 2017
4. The likes on comments for competitions running on Monday 25th September and Thursday 28th September, will be based on the most likes a comment has received by 6pm that evening.
5. By entering this competition, you agree that ‘the most creative comment’ for the competition running on Tuesday 26th September, will be decided upon by Nakeitha Monguasa (Head of Marketing and Advertising).
6. By entering this competition, you agree that ‘the random winner selected’ for the competitions running on Wednesday 27th September and Friday 29th September, will be decided upon by https://commentpicker.com.
7. Winners of the each competition will be announced the day after during Afternoon Delight. E.g. The winner of Monday’s competition will be announced on Tuesday lunchtime.
8. When the winner of each competition is announced, the winner has until 3pm that day to comment on the announcement post, as recognition of knowing they have won.
9. For prizes on Monday 25th September and Tuesday 26th September, winners have until 3pm to collect their prize. If for any reason a winner is unable to collect their prize by 3pm on the day of announcement, they must email before 3pm; otherwise, they are no longer eligible for the prize.
10. When winners come to collect their prize, they must bring their student card as proof of identification.
11. For prizes on Wednesday 27th September, Friday 29th September and Saturday 30th September, winners do not need to collect physical prizes. However, you will still be required to comment on the announcement post and come to see Nakeitha Monguasa or a member of committee by 3pm that day.

12. Entrants must already be liking and following the University Radio Bath’s Facebook handle @UniRadioBath before entering the competition.
13. Entrants must currently be attending the University of Bath.
14. Entrants are only allowed to enter each competition once e.g. leave one comment only.
15. If you have already entered and won a prize from this competition, then you are not eligible to winning a second/more prizes.
16. Members of the University Radio Bath committee are not eligible to enter or win this competition prizes.

17. Are to be revealed on each day of Freshers’ Week.
18. Prizes are not transferable and no alternative is available.

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Competitions - Terms & Conditions