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Beware of Essay Mills

Beware of Essay Mills

Reach out for support.

Essay Mills are sites that write essays for a fee.

There has been great news that the government is looking at making the operation of Essay Mills illegal, However, many operate from abroad, so we still urge you to reach out for support (options below) instead of using these businesses that prey on vulnerable students and exploit workers.  Submitting work, they produce is an assessment offence. If you are struggling with your assignments, it is far better to ask for an extension or even be a few days late than get caught cheating and risk a penalty that is worse than the pass mark (penalty for being up to 5 days late)!

Content Upload Sites

We have also had reports of course content being uploaded to websites for those not at the uni to access free of charge. Please refrain from doing this, it steps into the scary world of Intellectual Property Rights infringement territory, devalues your degree, and puts lecture recordings at risk. If you need support with your assignments, please reach out to the support options below.

Support Options:


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