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SU Statement on FIFA World Cup

SU Statement on FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022

In recognition of the controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar, for the avoidance of doubt, we wanted to state that The SU does not share the Qatar government’s values in any way. We wholeheartedly stand for the rights of women, migrant workers, and the LGBT+ community.

We are also aware that many of our members will want to watch their country compete in the competition this winter, and we firmly believe that sport can be a great way to tackle inequality, as well as bring communities together. Since The SU believes in creating opportunities for our members to come together to enjoy themselves, we will be showing FIFA World Cup fixtures in our venue, the Plug & Tub, over the coming weeks.

However, as an SU we also believe in enabling students to come together to shape their community and fight for change. Therefore, we will be working with various student groups to start more conversations relating to the human rights issues in Qatar, and raise awareness and money for related charities aimed at tackling the issues surrounding Qatar 2022. We see this an opportunity to educate and inform whilst still providing an inclusive space to enjoy the tournament.

We are requesting that any students who want to come forward to get involved in any of this work to please email:

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