The referendum question regarding confidence in the Vice-Chancellor withdrawn due to resignation

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Yesterday it was announced that the Vice-Chancellor would end her employment with the University on the 28 February 2019. She will be stepping down from her role with effect from 31 August 2018 to commence a 6 month sabbatical and will vacate her University residence at the same time.

The University have said that they cannot lawfully terminate the Vice-Chancellor’s employment without giving the contractually-required 12 months’ notice and there is no ground for terminating the employment without notice.

The Vice-Chancellor has agreed that she will not receive any salary increases during the remainder of her employment and that she will not be entitled to payment in lieu of unused holiday entitlement on termination of her employment. An existing contractual agreement to write off the outstanding balance of a car loan worth £31,000 will be honoured.

As the Vice-Chancellor is stepping down The SU are removing the question “I have no confidence in the Vice-Chancellor” from the referendum at 2pm on Wednesday 29 November.

However, with this announcement (as recommended by Remuneration Committee and approved by University Council) there are still questions around the terms of the Vice-Chancellor’s departure and ultimately around the continuing governance of the University. This is why the second question “I have no confidence in the University Governance in relation to Council and Remuneration Committee” will still be live for students to vote on until Thursday 30 November at 12pm and will be used by The SU to represent students’ views to University Council.

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