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Community Gardening Collaboration with V Nature and St Mungo's

Community Gardening Collaboration with V Nature and St Mungo's

V Nature welcomed St Mungo's onto campus to help renovate an old garden bed on campus.

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Student volunteers of V Nature were joined by a wonderful group of people from St Mungo's, a renowned homeless charity and one of RAG's Big 4, who brought their gardening tools and expertise to campus, working with the students to plant a colourful array of flowers and aromatic herbs, really enhancing the area outside the University Hall.

This event collaborated specifically as part of St Mungo's 'Putting Down Roots' programme which is a horticultural therapy and training project, using gardening as a tool to help people in their recovery. Putting Down Roots helps to build people's self-esteem, confidence and sociability. It has been taking place for 21 years and we are thrilled to have been part of such a long-standing and worthwhile cause!

Despite the occasional rain shower, the drizzle only dampened the soil but not the spirits! The afternoon was special, not only for the physical transformation of the garden but how it brought volunteers from different backgrounds and walks of life together. 

We look forward to enjoying the future blooms of this newly revitalised garden and most importantly to welcoming St Mungo's back to campus to enjoy the garden.