Meet the Exec

Meet the Exec committee. Elected Doctoral students dedicated to representing doctoral views through campaigns, meeting and other activities.

The Doctoral Exec is supported by the Postgraduate Officer and Postgraduate Student Coordinator.

The Doctoral Exec is made up of a Chair, three open positions and the four Doctoral Faculty Reps.

The role of the Exec is to represent the doctoral student voice in The SU and to the University.  The Exec will work together to identify key issues and represent doctoral student views through campaigns and engagement with doctoral students.

Doctoral Exec Chair 

Patrick Prince

Hi, I'm Patrick.

I'm currently in my first years of an integrated PhD in Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems, although my research interests mainly lie in Business Management. 

I will be your doctoral executive chair for the year and my ambition is to stimulate the unique voices of our vibrant doctoral community. 

Doctoral Open Position

Rita Prior Filipe Filipe

Hello, I'm Rita

I'm currently in my MRes year of a PhD in Advance Automotive Propulsion Systems and my research interests lie in Urban Planning and Transport Engineering. 

I'm proud to be one of the Doctoral Exec along with Stefano and Patrick and I hope to be developing interesting activities that get us closer to the doctoral community and let us hear your opinions. 

Doctoral Open Position 

Stefano Cuomo


I'm Stefano, third year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. My research topic is Structural Health Monitoring, and in general the analysis of impact events.

This year I'm proud to be part of the Doc Exec, with amazing fellows, with the aim to improve the wellbeing and the community of the doctoral students. Follow our activities, exciting things are coming soon! 

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of Engineering & Design

Stefan Chindea

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer focused on understanding systems: be it sensors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, atmospheric electricity characteristics, or processes within the Faculty and University. I would probably compare my role as a Doctoral Faculty Rep to a charger adapter: sometimes the University being the plug and my colleague students being different types of smart devices, sometimes the other way round.

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Masha Remškar 

I am a health psychologist researching the prevention of mood disorders through exercise and mindfulness practice. I am also the Doctoral Faculty Rep for Humanities and Social Sciences,  meaning that I represent PhD students from economics, education, health, POLIS, psychology and SPS. Outside of work, I love animals (send pet pics!), running, volleyball, playing the piano and board games.


Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of School of Management

Jelena Lagger


Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of Science


For more information about the roles on offer click on the role descriptions below:

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Doctoral Exec minutes

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