The Activities Awards Evening is all about the incredible contribution that Societies, Media, Volunteering Politics and Activism and Enterprise groups bring to the Students' Union.

We celebrated with 21 awards in one evening, to recognise the fantastic work that you put in! Nobody asks you to do the work that you do, but year on year you commit a great deal of time and exceed expectations.

We are delighted to announce below the winners of the Activities Awards of 2019!

 There are four sections; Societies, Media, Volunteering Politics and Activism and Enterprise. You can only nominate your groups or individuals to the relevant sections, so make sure you have the right Google Form before you spend time filling out the form. 

Check out our photos from this event!


  • Most Improved Volunteer Activity - Take Me Out (RAG)
  • Best Volunteer Newcomer - Laurène Aumonier (Bath Marrow)
  • Outstanding Individual Contribution to Volunteering - Alex Aranda (Nightline, V Team & Bath Marrow)



  • Best Project in Media - Bath Time, Issue 4 'Seeking Shelter' (Bath Time)
  • Best Contribution to Media - Mark Mikhail (Campus TV)



  • Best Contribution to Politics & Activism - Brad Baines (Bath University Labour Club, For our Future's Sake)
  • Best Campaign/Event in Politics & Activism - 'NHS at 70: Where to Next? With Karen Smyth MP' (Bath University Labour Club)


  • Best Contribution to Enterprise - Kovid Uppal (Bath Entrepeneurs)
  • Best Event in Enterprise - Evenings with Bath Entrepeneurs (Bath Entrepeneurs)



  • Best Society Event - BUST 50th Anniversary (Bath Univeristy Student Theatre)
  • Outstanding Contribution to Societies - Anna-Marie Chalupovà (Fine Art Society, Women in Science Society)
  • Arts Society of the Year - Bath University Student Musicals Society
  • Departmental Society of the Year - Architecture & Civil Engineering Society
  • Recreational Society of the Year - Poker Society
  • Faith & Cultural Society of the Year - Bath university Arab Society
  • Ethical & Political Society of the Year - Bath University Debating Society



  • Best Overall Society - Bath University Arab Society
  • Most Improved Activity Group - Fine Art Society
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Community - V-Team
  • Best Overall Event or Activity - BUST 50th Anniversary (Bath University Student Theatre)
  • Best Overall Activity Group - Bath Time

Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners, and a big thank you to all of our groups involved in our Students Union this year!