From Monday 13 January to Friday 24 January, The SU will be running activities to help us study well during assessments.

Taking time out is a very important part of revision, and getting away from our desks and doing something different will not only help clear our minds, but allow us to get back to studying with fresh eyes and improved concentration. Looking after ourselves is arguably the most important thing we can do during assessment season, a good diet, decent nights sleep, and regular breaks all contribute to how we feel, it's not just about studying, but studying well.

If you've had a personal circumstance that means might have affected your performance in exams, The SU Advice and Support Centre can help you apply for an Individual Mitigating Cirmstance (IMCs) or offer advice on other issues. Call SU Advice on 01225 386906, email or drop in on Level 2 of The SU between 10:00 - 16:00 on weekdays.

You can find more information about SU activities below. The Plug is showing Premier League football throughout January. Follow The SU on facebook and instagram for updates and tips and tricks.

The Library, Student Services and The Edge will all be running activities and sending out messages to encourage positive wellbeing during assessments.

The SU will also run Study Well activities during the exams in May. Here's a look at what happened last year.

Study Well Events

Study Well Dance Fitness
14th January 3pm - 4pm
The Edge Dance Studio
Fit some fun exercise into your revision calendar. Dance fitness is an aerobic workout that incorporates many forms of dance.
Halls Event
Study Well PG Dance Fitness
14th January 5:15pm - 6:05pm
East Building 0.11
Break up that busy schedule with some fun exercise. Dance fitness is an aerobic workout that incorporates many forms of dance.
Halls Event