Study Well

With the exam and assessments period coming up in May, it's so important to look after ourselves as we reach the final push to summer.

Taking time out is a very important part of revision, and getting away from our desks and doing something different will not only help clear our minds, but allow us to get back to studying with fresh eyes and improved concentration. Looking after ourselves is arguably the most important thing we can do during assessment season, a good diet, decent nights sleep, and regular breaks all contribute to how we feel, it's not just about studying, but studying well.

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Feed the Ducks

Grab a takeaway drink from the Plug and a free bag of duck food for a break by the lake. They'll go quackers for our special blend of bird seed, rice and oats.

Stay Active at the Playground

The Playground has opened next to the East Fields with netball and basketball hoops. You can hire balls and equipment like pop-up volleyball and badminton from the SU to stay active during exams.

Boost Your Creativity

If you are musical you can take your instrument over to the Edge and book a practise room. If crafts are more your thing, you can book a free craft kit for those important study breaks.

Hire a Board Game

Take the night off with your flatmates and hire a board game or a jigsaw. You can find a full list of games on the webpage

5 Ways to Wellbeing 

We've taken the NHS 5-ways to wellbeing and incorporated some of the amazing opportunities across the SU and wider university to help you make positive changes to feel good and live well. Visit the webpage.

Ongoing Support

Our fantastic team at the SU Advice & Support Centre are able to offer confidential, independent and non-judgemental information, advice and support if you are experiencing any problems. If you have circumstances that have affected your performance in assessments, the advisors can help guide through your options including Individual Mitigating Circumstances, extensions and deferrals. 

If you need any wellbeing support during this period you can contact:

  • Nightline - the student run service is open 20:00 - 08:00 every night and is operating through email and instant messenger during COVID restrictions.
  • Wellbeing Service - based in 4West you can contact a Wellbeing Advisor through


Studying and wellbeing resources

Skills Centre exam preparation guidance – Including time management tips, revision strategies and support available.

Exam Stress podcast  - Useful tips and NHS breathing techniques to help deal with the stress you may experience during assessments.

Stay focused in exam season Blog find out how University of Bath student Divija maintains focus during assessment period.

Read Well the Library have a made a selection of wellbeing books available to access online, covering self-help topics such as anxiety, stress and personal development.

'Space from Stress' modules these bite-sized modules available through Silvercloud may offer some help with managing stress and developing resilience.

Managing Stress for Exams Reading List