Stress during exam season is inevitable, but it's how we manage that stress that will make the difference when stepping into Founders Hall for an exam sitting. Staying up until 4am in the library might seem like the best way to cram in a year's worth of lectures, but there will come a point where our brains will give up and stop taking in any new information. 

Taking time out is a very important part of revision, and getting away from our desks and doing something different will not only help clear our minds, but allow us to get back to studying with fresh eyes and improved concentration. Looking after ourselves is arguably the most important thing we can do during exam season, a good diet, decent nights sleep, and regular breaks all contribute to how we feel in that exam hall, it's not just about studying, but studying well.

From Tuesday 6 May to Friday 31 May, The SU will be holding a number of events, activities, and fruit giveaways to help us study well and feel more prepared and less stressed when we go into exams. 

Remember, if you've had a personal circumstance that means might have affected your performance in exams, The SU Advice and Support Centre can help you apply for an Individual Mitigating Cirmstance (IMCs). Call SU Advice on 01225 386906, email or drop in on Level 2 of The SU between 09:00 - 17:00 during term time.