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A UK General Election will happen on Thursday 4 July 2024

We know that election processes can be confusing, especially if this is going to be your first time voting in a General Election. We’ve pulled together some key information for you to help you make sure you’re ready to vote on 4 July.


What is a General Election?

A General Election is an opportunity for people in the UK to choose their Member of Parliament (MP). This person will represent a local area (constituency) in the House of Commons for up to five years. Whilst you cannot vote directly for who you wish to be Prime Minister, the political party that wins the most seats in the House of Commons at a General Election usually forms the new government, its leader becomes the Prime Minister. General elections - UK Parliament for more information


Why is it important to vote?

Students make up 10% of the UK voting population, it’s time to make our voices heard! Higher Education policy is decided by Government and impacts issues like tuition fees and student funding, as well as issues that affect us all like cost of living and sustainability.


The timeline for the UK General Election:

Timeline of general election
  • 22 May: General Election was called
  • 18 June: Voter Registration deadline
  • 17:00 19 June: Deadline to apply for a Postal Vote
  • 26 June: Deadline to apply for Voter ID (Voter Authority Certificate)
  • 17:00 26 June: Deadline to apply for Proxy Vote
  • 4 July: General Election Day



Get Ready To Vote



Check your eligibility

Rules around who can and can’t vote in a UK General Election can be confusing. It’s quick and easy to check if you’re eligible to vote

Check here

Some international students will also be eligible to vote, NUS have created a useful tool to help you check if you can vote.



Register to Vote by 18 June

It will take you less than 5 minutes, if you’re not registered you won’t be able to vote! Even if you’re not eligible to vote in the General Election you will likely still be able to vote in local elections so it’s worth registering if you can.

Register Here



Get Voter ID by 26 June

If you wish to vote in person on 4 July you will need to have photo ID. You might already have accepted voter ID check here - Accepted forms of photo ID | Electoral Commission

If you don’t you can either get a Voter Authority Certificate or students can get a free CitizenCard through the National Union of Students (apply by 20 June for a free card)

Your student library card/ID cannot be used as voter ID.



Choose how you will vote


You will need to apply for proxy or postal voting in advance so don’t delay if you wish to do this.

For more information about voting visit the Electoral Commission’s website.