There are many thousands of opportunities for volunteering both at home and abroad over the summer months. We cannot cover all these possibilities in depth, this information is intended to help you raise the necessary questions to help you make an informed decision.

You may also want to consider summer/ holiday work at home and abroad, for more information please visit both the Joblink and Careers websites.

Volunteering in the UK

Placements in the UK may not be as exotic as those abroad but if you are strapped for cash they are a great way to have a cheap holiday, meet new people and learn new skills.

If you visit Do-It you will be able to view volunteer opportunities within any area of the UK and by your interests and skills.

Holiday volunteering opportunities with V Team Student Volunteering

Volunteering Overseas

If you are looking to go abroad for your volunteering then the possibilities are endless. You can teach, do conservation work, work on a building project, learn a new language or do cultural exchanges. Some organisations tailor their opportunities to people taking year out but others offer opportunities to people who do not have that amount of time.

Checklist of good practice/questions to ask

Ethical volunteering

Please click here  for a further list of organisations and charities that provide a wide variety of opportunities


Volunteering opportunities overseas with V Team Student Volunteering