A celebration of our education community.

The Education Awards will take place on Friday 6 May 2022

The Education Awards are an opportunity to recognise and reward the outstanding contribution that students and staff make towards the rich education community at The University of Bath.

This year’s event for the Education Awards will be held at the Apex Hotel on the evening of 6 May from 18:00. At this event, we will announce the winners from the Academic Representative, Peer Support, and University Teaching Awards 2022

For any questions about the awards please email arc@bath.ac.uk.

Find out who has been shortlisted by clicking on the individual award categories.

Find out who won at the Education Awards 2022

Outstanding Contribution to Peer Support (Student Award)

Winner: Ioana Mocanu, Lead Peer Mentor.

Certificate of Excellence: Taghried Abdelmagid, Doctoral Peer Mentor and Arabic PAL Leader.

Certificate of Excellence: Teresa Chan, Student Trainer Mentor.

Outstanding Contribution to Peer Support (Staff Award)

Winner: Dr Magdalyn Okolo

Certificate of Excellence: Claire Tanner

Certificate of Excellence: Ian Fairholm

Peer Support Team of the Year

Winner: Biosciences PAL Leaders

Certificate of Excellence: Joe and Alice – Student Trainers

Certificate of Excellence: Computer Science Lead Peer Mentors and PAL Leaders

Postgraduate Who Teaches (PGWT) of the Year

Winner: Ross Jackson

Certificate of Excellence: Rowan Juneman, Lydia Buckingham & Abigail Marchant

Doctoral Representative of the Year

Winner: Jon Noble

Certificate of Excellence: Amine Moussa, Arjun Chatterjee & Joshua Tenn 

Undergraduate Academic Representative of the Year

Winner: Chelsea Pledge, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Winner: Teodora Dinca, Faculty of Science

Winner: Dom Bowns, School of Management

Winner: Katherine Instone-Cowie, Faculty of Engineering and Design

Certificate of Excellence: Charlotte Bailey, Hannah Glover, Shuchi Naik, Elie Breton Des Loys, Emilia Tor, Constantinos Zachariades & Grace Stavers 

Postgraduate Taught Academic Representative of the Year

Winner: Diparati Sen

Certificate of Excellence: Chaitanya Singh, Millenia Parinduri and Kamya Goel

Faculty Representative of the Year

Winner: Masha Remskar

Certificate of Excellence: Jake Dean, Andrei Linguraru, Fatin Alsagoff, Zisis Tzifas Kratiras, 

Best Student Representative Team of the Year

Winner: Ricky Kahale and Laura Campbell - School of Management

Certificate of Excellence: Science Faculty Reps: John Ogunyemi, Jake Dean & Kieran Maharaj

Outstanding contribution to Academic Representation (Staff Award)

Winner: Dr Matteo De Tina

Certificate of Excellence: Amy Childe. James Taylor

Personal Tutor of the Year

Winner: Charlotte Dodgson

Certificate of Excellence: Alessio Guglielmi, Ian Fairholm, Xi Chen

Best Campaign, Project, or Event

Winner: Student Minds, Personal Tutor Improvements Project

Certificate of Excellence: Katherine Instone-Cowie

Best Piece of Student Leader Research

Winner: Francesca Marchetti and Mansi Ahuja, Student Survey – Engineering & Design

Best Collaboration with Staff

Winner: Ricky Kahale with Ali Bevan

Certificate of Excellence: Luca Volentir

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