The Academic Representation team supports five main types of student representatives. Each representative will work with students and other representatives.

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Academic Representatives

Academic Representatives are elected by students on their course to represent them. They work with students to find out what the issues are and then work with the Students' Union (SU) and the department to solve these issues.

As the name suggests, Academic Representatives work on academic related issues. Academic Representatives will signpost students to other areas of the Students' Union when an issue falls outside of their role (academic appeals, bullying and harassment, complaints etc).

Departmental Representatives

Departmental Representatives are elected by Academic Representatives at the first Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meeting of the year. Departmental Representatives attend Departmental Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees (DTLQCs) where they discuss module and course changes.

There is one undergraduate and one postgraduate taught departmental representative, though the department may opt for more.

Staff Student Liaison Committee Chairs

Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) Chairs are elected at the first meeting of the SSLC and work with the academic co-chair if there is one, to chair the meeting. They make sure that students and staff can both have their say.

Chairs are supported by the Students' Union in their roles.

Faculty Representatives

Faculty Representatives are elected by students in their faculty/school and work with academic and departmental representatives. Faculty/School Representatives make up the Academic Executive committee with the Education and Postgraduate Officers and the Senate Representative. 

There are two undergraduate, one postgraduate taught and one doctoral representative per faculty/school. They will attend Faculty/School Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees (F/SLTQCs), Faculty/School Boards of Studies (BOS) or Faculty/School Doctoral Studies Committe (F/SDSC).

Senate Representative

The Senate Representative is elected by all students once a year and represents students at University Senate and also is a member of the SU Academic Executive Committee.