What We Do


The University of Bath African and Caribbean Society (ACS) aims to bring people from different backgrounds together in order to gain an appreciation for the heritage, food, music, dance, art, fashion and achievements that the African and Caribbean communities are proud to call their own.

These are both extremely culturally-rich regions and we believe that it is our duty as a society to bring some of their undiscovered customs to light. We have so many events planned for the year, so much food to eat and fun to be had, so JOIN JOIN JOIN!

Why Join Us?

  • We have sponsorships and affiliations with a large recruiters which provides a great platform for networking.
  • Many new events planned for this year, so there is never a dull moment!
  • The oppurtunity to meet a variety of other students from different backgrounds and celebrate our culture.

Join Our Facebook Group to get more information about any Events coming up and services we are offering to members!


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