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In order to use and store your information appropriately and in line with our Confidentiality Policy, please complete the following details and submit on line. This will allow us to liaise with you about your case. This information will be stored confidentially with your record file. By submitting this form you will be agreeing to us storing and using the information you have provided in the manner described below. If you have any questions about the information we are asking you to provide please do not hesitate to contact us.

Confidentiality Policy

Anything you say to a member of the Advice and Representation Centre will be kept confidential within the centre unless it is felt there is a serious risk to you or another person.

  • Members of the Advice and Representation Centre may discuss cases between themselves if advice or information is needed.
  • If you agree, cases may be discussed with university staff or other people.
  • Records outlining your enquiry will be kept and stored confidentially on a centralised secure web based application - AdvicePro.
  • They will be used for the purpose of continuity in your case.
  • The information will also be used for statistical purposes and service development.
  • Your information may be reviewed for the purpose of auditing procedures and quality of advice, but any staff contracted to the Students' Union to do this shall maintain confidentiality.

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Data Protection Act 1998

I understand that the SU will use the information on this sheet to help monitor the use of services, and that the Students’ Union complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. I give my permission for any sensitive information about my case to be stored securely.

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