There’s no need to rush for your private sector student housing this year

With unprecedented times there are probably a lot of things on your mind right now, but finding housing for the next academic year does not need to be one of them right now. Most housing this year will be advertised in January and over the next month we will be launching our housing campaign with Bath Spa, Think Before You Ink, with top tips to help you make the right decision regarding your housing.

5 Things to know:

1. The majority of houses will not be on the market until January. Student Pad will launch January 25 2021

With the current climate Studentpad (the official University of Bath property search website), and other large housing agencies and landlords have taken the decision to launch their houses for students in January.

2. Bath student housing market is healthy, so there is no need to rush

Unlike many myths students hear, Bath does not have a shortage of student housing. To note, the SU and University have been speaking to letting agents and landlords. While you may hear that there is high demand for housing and you may feel pressure to sign up quickly, we can reassure you that there is no need to panic or rush. Although there was a shortage a few years ago, this has not been the case for the last few years and is not the case this year. Do not panic or rush your decision. It is important that you are well informed and make the choice that is right for you.

3. We encourage you to wait for the Studentpad launch in Semester 2

With a national lockdown and lots of uncertainties we strongly encourage you to wait for the new year before signing a housing contract. Bath Spa is also sending the same message to their students. We hope in the new year to host housemate finder events, virtual housing forum and that you will have the chance to view houses in person.

4. Safety is important, we highly recommend you DO NOT start looking for houses now, but if you do you should not be attending in person viewings. Only online viewings are able to take place.

It is also important to note that it is much easier to miss crucial pros and cons in housing via virtual viewings. Is there damp in the corner? Are alarms installed? Are the windows double glazed? Make sure that if you do a virtual viewing that you are asking these questions. But again, we encourage you to wait and this may provide the opportunity for yourself or one of your housemates to view the property. Some agencies and landlords are advertising already, but many are not so expect more houses to come onto the market in semester 2

5. ‘Think before you Ink’ campaign will be launching this month, a joint campaign with Bath Spa to provide you the prefect tool kit to make the right decisions when choosing your house in the private sector.

There are a lot of things to consider before you sign a contract, whether you are moving out of halls, or already living in private sector accommodation, the SU and University want to help you to make the right decision.

View our Finding Accomodation pages for further information.