Want to Make a Difference?

Join us at Amnesty!

What is Amnesty?

Amnesty International is a human rights organisation with 2.2 million members, fighting to protect human rights worldwide as laid out in the Declaration of Human Rights.

We are an offshoot of this institution who embody the same beliefs, values and ethics of our parent organisation here at the University of Bath. Join us to be part of our weekly meetings and help us bring more awareness to human rights issues and fight for justice both internationally and locally!


Our main campaigns this year: 

  • Anti-Racism
  • Period Poverty
  • Food Poverty
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Sustainable Fashion


Reasons to Join Us

Perfect place to meet new, like-minded people- AND make the changes you want to see!

Every week is different!
Despite the current situation we have so much planned for this year for you to get involved in.

We're an open group with no hierarchy!
At our meetings everyone is welcome to put forward event and campaign ideas. 

Fancy a pint/non-alcoholic drink?

We regularly host social events to really get to know our peers without the formalities of our on-campus meetings.


Our recent impact

The Uni of Bath’s branch of Amnesty has year after year successfully campaigned for higher levels of equality on campus. Last year, for example, we put together a Crowdfunder in the hopes of kickstarting a scholarship and fee waiver for an asylum seeker student so that they could afford to attend our university. The Crowdfunder raised over £7,200 and the scholarship is now being put together at the university. Members of Bath Amnesty have also spoken directly to the university about mismanagement of allegation of sexual assault on campus leading to real change within the constitution of the university.


What else we offer:


  • Letter-writing campaigns
  • Petition-signing events (Write for Rights by Amnesty)
  • Build campaigns promoting human rights
  • Article writing and radio interviews

Society Collabs

  • Co-host events and socials with a mix of societies (ACS, People and Planet etc.)
  • We share and promote events hosted by other likeminded societies for our members to show their support to.


  • Each year we organise a fundraising music night! (we raised £1100 for Refugee Community Kitchen and Amnesty UK in 2019) 
  • This year’s Jamnesty event will be held on November 29th - it will be a night packed with singing, dancing, performances and an open mic section. The event will be free but there will be a request of a £5 donation on the door to go towards the Equal Access at Bath campaign



Come & meet us! Events time will be added onto this page in due time smiley 


Contact us through social media or email:

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/223334797677046/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AIUKBath/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bathuniamnesty/

Email: su-amnesty@bath.ac.uk


Campaign Coordinator