Meet the Team

Meet Alex!

Alex is the Arts Development Manager for the SU Arts Team. Alex studied Music at the University of York and has sung on stage with Barbra Streisand. She also only joined Facebook when first arrived in her second year at university because she's THAT old. Alex can be seen sporting a fantastic bob and dazzling the room with her many rings.

Alex has worked extensively in the music and arts industry, notably for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Academy of Music and Westminster Abbey, and we’re lucky to have her expertise on our team. Alex oversees all things arts within the SU and would love to hear your big ideas and dream projects. You can contact her on

Meet Lily!

Lily is the Social and Recreational Arts Coordinator for the Arts Team within the SU. Lily studied Drama and Creative Writing in Bristol and whilst at University Lily sang on the main stage at Disney Land. She is a founder, artistic director, writer and actor for two theatre companies in Bristol and loves to tour with their shows! Lily is super passionate about the arts and could talk about them endlessly. Please go to her with your project ideas and she will endeavour to make them happen! Failing that she could provide you with a one-woman show of any musical of your choosing, she knows that many lyrics…

Please drop Lily an email on

Meet Dylan!

Dylan is your Arts Activity Administrator. His proudest achievement is appearing on The Chase in 2019 wherein he answered three questions correctly and was promptly eliminated. Though leaving with no cash prize he smuggled several Tunnocks Tea Cakes and some Mars Bars from the green room. Whilst at university he was part of a show at the Edinburgh Fringe called '2016 The Musical', playing Boris Johnson and Bill Clinton. Critics described it as "off-putting" and "unoriginal"…

Please talk to him about creative projects and performances as he LOVES to natter about all things arty. You can also contact Dylan on about all enquiries regarding room bookings, rehearsal space and event marketing.

Meet Claire!

Claire is the Technical Coordinator for SU Arts. She was a student at Bath University so experienced a lot of the arts in Bath. Her favourite show (at the moment) is Hamilton because, well, who doesn’t love it? Whilst at Uni she practically lived in the Edge Theatre and knows everything there is to know about it. You can quiz her if you like, we have tried…she will win!

You can contact Claire with any queries regarding the technical requirements of your event. She will talk you through your options and make your technical dreams a reality! Get in touch with Claire on