Welcome to The University of Bath Basketball Club

What We Do

First and foremost, we play ball, and COVID will not be changing that this year! Whether you are a new or returning student, the Basketball Club will have something to offer. From weekly social events to countless opportunities to play basketball. Become part of our community, we cannot wait to meet you! 

Pre-season Training 2020

Although this year will be like no other, we will still be hosting a pre-season. As the BUCS season will not start until January, we are looking at expanding the pre-season with more information coming soon. The pre-season will be held from September for both the men's and women's squads. Due to the ongoing issue with COVID-19, we must restrict the number of players taking place to previous BUCS players and those with the potential to be BUCS players. If you are an incoming or current student interested in participating in pre-season training, do not hesitate to contact us via email, su-basketball@bath.ac.uk.   

BUCS Teams

If you are interested in high-level, competitive basketball, we have three teams competing in the BUCS league this year; men's 1st, men's 2nd, and woman's 1st. Photo of Women's Firsts after winning the 2020 Western Conference CupThe men's 1st team will be competing in the Western Division 1 and the men's 2nd team will be competing in Western Division 2. The women's 1st team will also be competing in Western Division 2.

BUCS has decided that this will be a bridging season, meaning that it will not impact the league standing, and will start in January. It offers a unique chance to play competitive basketball after such a long drought. 

Trials for all teams will take place in the week following Freshers' week so make sure you check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more information!

Development League

Development League (D-League) is a great chance to play fun competitive games with your friends every week. On top of the fun element, this will give anyone who doesn't make it through trials to play alongside squad players and show what they can do, our squads are never set and if you show us we made a mistake in trials then you just might get to don the blue and yellow shirt in a BUCS game! 


If you are looking to play some pickup, we have that too! We will do this on a rotation basis with sign-ups going live at the beginning of term. We will adapt the style of the games to make sure you guys can play as much basketball as possible, whilst respecting the restrictions. 


Want to just hang out? We have you sorted. We have organised socials, events, weekly challenges, and a freshers week tournament! It is a great way to make friends and become part of a fantastic community, but numbers are limited so makes sure to enter when signs-ups open.

So come along and check us out. I promise you will not regret it!!!

Harry Peterson

Chair 2020-21

Reasons to Join Us

  • Basketball for all abilities
  • Opportunity to develop your Basketball skills!
  • You will make loads of friends
  • We have awesome themed socials every week 
  • Basketball is amazing for fitness
  • You'll have the best time with us!



Equipment Secretary


Wheelchair Basketball Coordinator

D-League Commissioner

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Social Secretary



Men's Head Coach: Tony Wilburn

Women's 1st Head Coach: Tony Wilburn

Team Captains

Men's 1st: Guido Teruzzi

Men's 2nd: Benedek Goldman

Women's 1st: Zita Moghadam and Rhian Simpson

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