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What We Do

If you are interested in joining a diverse, exciting and active club, both athletically and socially, then look no further then University of Bath Basketball. The only question is do you have what it takes?

Pre-season Training 2019

Every year we host a pre-season for the club, this is a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season. Preseason is held during September for both the men's and women's squads. Due to a restriction on the number of players that can attend pre-season, it is exclusive to current and potential BUCS players.  If you are an incoming or current student interested in participating in pre-season training, do not hesistate to contact us via email, su-basketball@bath.ac.uk. 

Basketball members, please log in to sign up for the Level 2 course.

BUCS TeamsWomen's First Team at the 2018 BUCS cup final

For those who want to get involved in high-level competitive basketball, we have three teams this year, competing in BUCS leagues: 2 men's teams and 1 women's team. The men's 1st team will be competing in the Western Division 1 the men's 2nd team will be competing in Western Division 2. The women's 1st team will also be competing in Western Division 2.

Trials for all teams will take place in the week following Freshers' week so make sure you check us out on Facebook for more information!

Development League

Development league (D-League) is a great chance to play fun competitive games with your friends every week. On top of the fun element, this will give anyone who doesn't make it through trials to play alongside squad players and show what they can do, our squads are never set and if you show us we made a mistake in trials then you just might get don the blue and yellow shirt in a BUCS game.


Recreational sessions will be on Tuesdays from 1-4pm which members can come along with their friends and simply have fun playing a game or get involved in doing some drills to work on their skills. These sessions tend to be very social events and are a great way to meet some of the older members of the club. We will also be introducing a new recreational select team, where they will be able to get the chance to play against other teams in the area, as well as the BUCS teams.

Every Tuesday 2-3pm we have a specified women’s slot for those who want to focus on individual skills. These sessions will be structered and coached by a current BUCS player so are perfect for a wide range of abilities starting from complete beginners to players pushing to break into the BUCS team!


If you just want an affiliation with the club so you can come along on some crazy nights out and you're not too bothered about serious training then we want to hang out with you! Remember that we have regular socials including score, movie nights, Snowball, end of semester meals and great mixers with other societies and sports teams.

So come along and check us out. I promise you will not regret it!!!

Megs Woodward

Chair 2019-20

Reasons to Join Us

  • Basketball for all abilities
  • You will make loads of friends
  • We have awesome themed socials every week 
  • Basketball is amazing for fitness
  • Our sponsors might even help you get a job! (See the sponsors section for info on that one)
  • You'll have the best time with us!



D-League Commissioner

Equipment Secretary



Social Secretary

Wheelchair Basketball Coordinator

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer


Men's 1st Head Coach: Tony Wilburn

Men's 2nd Head Coach: 

Women's 1st Head Coach: 

Team Captains

Men's 1st: Jack Solomons

Men's 2nd: 

Women's 1st: Maria Valderrabano

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