Trials will be taking place on Wednesday 6th October in Founders Hall. 

If you haven't registered but would like to trial, please email us your name, university username and whether you will be attending the men's or women's session.

Both returning players and new players will need to register before trialling.

Each session will consist of a mixture of drills, focusing on basic skills such as dribbling and shooting, and game play. The number of players will be reduced at various points during the session, until only those who are successful remain.

Men's (M1/M2/ D-league)

Men's trials will be taking place from 12-4pm, led by our men's coach Tony Wilburn. 


Women's (W1)

Women's trials will be taking place from 4-6pm, overseen by captain Ffion and vice-captain/club chair Rebecca.


If you will be late for trials, please let us know what time you will arrive. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you to trial at another date.

Good Luck!

On the day:

  1. We ask that you take a Lateral Flow test within the 24hrs before trials take place. 
  2. Do not turn up to trials if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID. If you are unable to make it to trials due to this, please email us and we will make arrangements for you to trial separately.
  3. Make sure you arrive early, and are ready to begin playing for 12pm (men) or 4pm (women). Late attendance will reflect poorly.
  4. Please bring with you a digital copy of a passport style photo (on a laptop or phone). If you are selected for a BUCS team we will be asking you to register with Basketball England at the end of the session, and you will need a photo to do so.
  5. Before you begin, please sign in with a captain or committee member.
  6. Have fun and give it your best. We are bigger than ever this year, so if you do not make BUCS, there are always opportunities to improve and play!