Welcome to The Bath Award

The Bath Award enables you to achieve more during your time at university, getting hands-on with some of the most exciting and transformative student experiences. You can develop lifelong skills to prepare you for employment, giving you valuable experience in real-world environments.

The Bath Award is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students and recognises the achievements and skills gained from all types of extra-curricular activity. There are now more graduates than ever before so employers are placing more emphasis on recruiting graduates who not only have a degree, but who are also equipped with key transferable skills and have a desire to learn more and improve their capabilities during their time at university.  If you successfully achieve The Bath Award, you will receive this on your degree transcript, expanding your CV and preparing you for life after university.

Submission point for one-year MSc students: 9 August 2018

What can I do to stand out from the crowd?

You can make the most of your university experience through The Bath Award. Extra-curricular activities, work experience, volunteering and additional learning can all provide tangible examples of why you are the best person for the job. Your work with clubs, societies, fundraising and other activities during your studies is often what sets you apart from other applicants in an interview. In today’s uncertain job market it is more important than ever to achieve something which will give you an ‘edge’ over job competitors.


'Santander Universities is proud to support a great initiative like The Bath Award. The importance of having skills and experiences that can be transferred to the workplace is crucial when applying for jobs, and this Award will help students develop and expand on these so that they are fully prepared to enter the world of work'
Matt Hutnell, Director, Santander Universities

Why should I get involved?

As a job applicant, you will need to present employers with real examples of occasions when you have demonstrated the skills and competencies expected. Saying you can do something isn’t enough; your experiences need to prove it! The Bath Award enables you to draw your experiences together and present them effectively, offering you formal recognition (it will appear on your degree transcript) of your commitment to personal development that will make your application stand out immediately. Find out more about why you should take part.

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