What We Do

If there's one thing bringing together all students in a university, it has to be Philosophy.

Literally the pursuit of knowledge, this fascinating endeavour challenges thinkers from all academic backgrounds to tackle mind-boggling issues.

If you are willing to get dirty with unsettling problems and drown yourself in doubts, then join BathPhilSoc!

Everyone, sooner or later, engages with philosophy (you will, trust us!), be it for an ethical choice or for the meaning of life, so you might as well start early and struggle in company!

Reasons to Join Us

  • Struggling in company with philosophical issues is much better than doing the same alone! 
  • Join like-minded people for inspiring discussions, you never know what you could learn!

Come and Meet Us

We'll hold events at least every other week, on different days of the week to help everyone make at least a couple!

Stay in touch though our Facebook group.