What We Do

~What is the meaning of life?
~Is it possible to know anything?
~Why did the chicken cross the road?

These are just a few of the ideas to discuss in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Come and join us at the Philosophy Society if you are in search of a good time!

The group meetups on campus provide an interactive experience in which ideas are thrown about and debated over a glass of your favourite beverage.

We also host talks given by professors and outside speakers providing thought-provoking new ideas based on ground-breaking research. These talks vary from AI ethics to the existence of a god.

Whether you have a passion for philosophy, love debating or just hearing interesting ideas, PhilSoc welcomes you!

Reasons to Join Us

  • Find like-minded people that have the same thirst for knowledge as you do!
  • Have the opportunity to share and debate your thoughts others.
  • Make lifelong friends whilst building confidence.
  • Get the chance to discover new ideas through otherwise inaccessible speakers.

Come and Meet Us

~Casual meetups: Weekly on Campus
~Film night: Monthly on Campus (Fight Club, .etc..)
~Talks from outside speakers: Monthly on Campus

Stay in touch with us though our Facebook group.
Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions at su-bups@bath.ac.uk.





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