What We Do

BCSS; is a society for anyone with an interest in computers and tech.

This year, we'll be organising a wide variety of events and socials to cater to our members:
Virtual Pub Quizzes for people to get to know each other, Talks from various tech-related companies, Hackathons where you can put your programming skills and ability to present on sleep deprivation to the test, an End of Year Ball, and several more!

Reasons to Join

It doesn't matter if you take Computer Science, Natural Science, Maths or Management: whatever course you're on, BCSS is a great opportunity to meet other people and learn more about tech!

From socials and drinks to board games and pizza, BCSS organises all sorts of different events to suit each of our members.

As a member of the society you'll also get to take part in our hackathons, raffles, and summer ball as well as network with companies in technology!

If you're still unsure, get in touch over Twitter, Facebook or by email at su-bcss@bath.ac.uk. We're happy to answer any questions you have!

Social Media

Check out our Discord server to chat with fellow BCSS members and students of the Computer Science cohort, visit our Facebook and Instagram page to be kept up to date with upcoming BCSS events! We also have our own YouTube channel.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

We are very conscious of the ongoing pandemic and how it can affect our events. We will aim to provide events that are as safe and inclusive as possible to all of our members, and so the way we run our events may be subject to change as social distancing regulations are updated. We ask our members to be aware of the fact that certain events may be changed at short notice due to this.



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