What We Do

BCSS; is a society for anyone with an interest in computers and tech.

This year, we'll be organising a wide variety of events and socials: Hackathons where you can put your programming and organisational skills to the test, a trip to Bletchley Park where you can discover more about the history of British computing, and an End of year Ball and plenty more!

Reasons to Join

It doesn't matter if you take Computer Science or Natural Science: whatever course you're on, BCSS is a great opportunity to meet other people and learn more about tech!

From socials and drinks to video games and pizza, BCSS organises all sorts of different events to suit each of our members.

As a member of the society you'll also get to take part in our hackathons and network with companies in technology!

We've fought to make our membership fee as low as we can this year (as students, we understand money worries, too).

If you're still unsure, get in touch over Twitter, Facebook or by email at su-bcss@bath.ac.uk. We're happy to answer any questions you have!

Social Media

Check out our Facebook page to chat with fellow BCSS members, find job openings and see upcoming BCSS events! We're also now on YouTube and Instagram, and we run a Discord server for members!




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