What We Do

We are the Economics Society at the University of Bath!

We are one of the BIGGEST societies on campus with 500+ members. 

We run academic and employability-focused events, as well as the BEST socials (and cheap too).

You don't have to be studying economics to join, we welcome all members!


Reasons to Join Us

BEST Socials 

  • SWX Bristol Social: Entry & transport for members!
  • Socials in Bath at Second Bridge and other clubs

BEST Academic Events

Hear from some of the UK’s top Economists, Businesspeople & Professionals at:

  • International Economics Week 
  • Panel Discussions
  • Year round series of Guest Lectures

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BEST Employability-focused Events

Meet & network with some of the UK’s top graduate employers, including PwC and others, and attend panel discussions to get a greater insight into firms and organisations!

BEST Football

Take the team to Inter-Departmental glory! Current IDFC Champions!

Society Documentation 

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Come and Meet Us

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at su-best@bath.ac.uk

Join our facebook group to stay up to date with everything that we offer. 

We look forward to meeting you!



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