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Welcome to Bath Illustration and Animation Society!! We're still setting up this page so check back soon for more updates :)

We're passionate about all things illustration and animation, from anime-style to 3D, stop motion, and more!

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for drawing sessions where we can come together to draw and give each other support and tips for whatever you want to work on! Join our discord and share your creations or just hang out and see what other people are making! We will announce events and updates on there too:

Regular Session Schedule 2023

Every week we meet up to doodle and work on any project you want to do. Feel free to bring in your own materials or laptop/tablet! Occasionally we theme the session but mostly it's just time for anyone to come and work on their creations.

Time Location
Tuesday 4:15-6:15pm Digital Art Studio (Edge)
Thursday 4:15-6:15pm Digital Art Studio (Edge)

As we're still new, we wanna hear about what you want to do! Let us know what ideas you have about illustration, character design, modeling, animation, or anything similar that you want to see from us.