23/03/20 Halls, Doctoral Students, STV Closure and RAG Relief Fund

Not much has change over the weekend but its worth us just highlighting the key messages below. As always make sur eyou contact the SU Officers if you have any worries that you feel we need to do more on. To keep your spirits high, join over 3000 other students in our Corona Community which has had an amazing response. 


For those of you living in halls, we know there is great anxiety around what will happen going forward with rents. We are aware the final rent instalments are fast approaching and that some of you will have paid in full already. We are working with the University to ensure that feedback and decisions are made quickly, and we will update you as soon as we know more. The more voices we have asking the question will always help speed up a response, so please do contact accommodation to ask for updates and to share your individual concerns by emailing
You can also feed back any issues directly to your Hall reps who will be able to collate them for you.  

If you are living in the private sector and you are experiencing any issues with your landlord or living arrangements, please contact for advice. 

Doctoral Students 

Some of the latest news regarding closures of laboratories and research facilities will undoubtedly be causing you some concern. We want to make sure we are capturing all your worries and comments and feeding them back to the University. So if you’re not already connected, get on board with the Doctoral Microsoft Team that you will have been invited to. The code to join is: 1in95kd 


You will probably have seen that following the latest Government announcement on Friday that the STV has now closed. We are aware that decisions around potential refunds and memberships freezes are happening and we will feedback as soon as we know more.  

RAG Relief Fund  

Bath RAG have started a campaign to fund projects happening in and around Bath to help vulnerable individuals in our community. This fund will provide support for elderly residents and food delivery services as well as other projects in and around Bath to ensure as many BANES residents as possible survive this crisis. Please give generously - 


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