27/03/20 What are your SU Officers Doing?

You may be wondering what Officer life looks like for us currently - outside of pizza tutorials and making Somali Tea on Corona Community - with this ever changing environment we have found ourselves in. You may not be physically seeing us out and about and we may not be able to join you in The Plug for Weekend Warm Up, but please know we are still here, we are still working hard to represent you and ensure your needs are met, now more than ever! Here is a little oversight of some of the key things the Officer Team are involved in: 

  • Have daily calls with University Senior Management team for all the latest developments on the ongoing Coronavirus situation. 
  • Work with the University Communications Teams on key messages to be sent out to all students and continually emphasise the need for speed and transparency in all situations. 
  • In regular contact with the Accommodation and Hospitality team on how we can work together to support those students who are still on campus. 
  • Have set up multiple virtual meeting platforms to engage with particular student demographics including, Academic Reps, Hall Reps, Postgraduates and International students. 
  • Created an online community via Facebook which has over 3600 students connected. This is updated daily with workouts, quizzes, mindfulness activities and more. We are also enabling our student groups to use this platform
  • Working to ensure the financial sustainability of the Students' Union moving forward
  • Taking part in calls and webinars with other Universities and Students' Unions to compare notes and share best practice
  • Using NUS to collectively lobby on a national scale in the interests of students
  • Speaking to Student Services to ensure that adequate support is being provided at this time and is being supplemented in order to address concerns 
  • Ensuring that committee elections are still happening and that we are training and planning for next year 
  • Coordinating a local volunteering effort to help the vulnerable in our community
  • Working with SU staff to ensure we can still deliver some of our key events in a more creative virtual way. Such as Varsity, SU Awards, Education and Blues Awards
  • Supporting current committees and keeping them informed throughout this period

So as you can see we are keeping busy, if there is anything you feel we should be doing more of, or communicating with you better, please do get in touch. 


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