02/04/20 - No-detriment policy, National Express and more.

No-detriment /Safety Net Policy 

Yesterday, our President, Education Officer, Postgraduate Officer and student Senate rep circulated an email to Senate – the University’s academic governing body – communicating student views on “no-detriment” policies.

They emphasised the need for the policy to give individual safety net assurances, not just cohort level, highlighted the potential issues with leaving the hardest-hit and most vulnerable students to submit IMCs to receive appropriate mitigation, and the need to prioritise student welfare and wellbeing as well as academic integrity.

This remains a live piece of work for the Officer Team, and they will continue to work round the clock to get you a policy that gives you the reassurance you need that Covid-19 will not impact on your academic outcomes.

What SU Officer life is like in the middle of a global pandemic

Our President Eve and the President of Winchester SU Megan Ball have written an article together providing an insight into the experiences of SU Officers across the country right now. If you fancy reading a bit about how 20-somethings across the UK are navigating this global pandemic and trying to represent students to the best of their ability, you can do so here.

National Express Tickets

Due to the increased restrictions on travel and the associated impact on the demand National Express have decided to take the action of suspending all operations from 00:01 Monday 6 April onwards. The suspension of the network will be reviewed every week, and as soon as the opportunity emerges to safely and viably restart the network, then they will be grasping that opportunity.

If you have pre booked tickets for after the 6 April you can amend your ticket to a different travel date in the next 12 months using this form. Or you can claim for a refund using this form.

Sports Training Village 

The STV have put up a page with all the latest news regarding gym memberships, you can view this here >


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