30/04/2020 - Casual Staff Further Update

Casual Workers

Overnight there has been another update from the University with regards to the Casual Workers Furlough scheme. You can view the latest announcement here>>

One of the biggest updates is that the University has agreed to pay 100%, topping up the 80% received from the government to all eligible casual workers.

If you hold a casual staff position on campus and are being furloughed, you should expect to receive an email from HR confirming this by the end of Tuesday 5 May. If you do not receive an email this means you are not currently included in the scheme. Whilst there are some roles that will not be eligible (e.g. work ended previously), if you were expecting to work in the time since campus has closed, you can follow up with your direct manager or Head of Department as well as HR via

This news will be a great relief to many of you and for those who are not included there is still plenty of support available to you. The SU Advice team can advice and support you through any financial concerns as well as Student Services. You may also wish to consider applying for the University Hardship fund.


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