11/05/2020 - Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

We understand how disorientated you all must feel throughout this time of uncertainty. One thing’s for sure: the student experience you were expecting has not materialised this year. The University of Bath, as well as many across the country, has experienced not one but two rounds of industrial action throughout this academic year, and the outbreak of COVID-19 has cut-short the physical university experience during what should have been one of the most exciting times for us all. Learning had to be moved hastily online without a sound plan to guarantee adequate provision for students, particularly those in the most disadvantaged settings. Lecturers have worked incredibly hard to do this, but it has not been easy and communication from the University has been lacking. There is still a significant amount of confusion about grading and assessments.  

You have told us in numbers that you feel that you paid for an experience and level of service that has not been delivered in full, due to factors both within and outside our organisation.  Your frustration is valid, and we hear you. We believe that you, our students, are entitled to compensation on your tuition fees for this semester. This should come as debt relief for those students that receive a loan, and refund for those who have paid their fees upfront.  

We believe that the money required for this should not come from individual institutions, who are facing an unparalleled financial challenge due to Covid-19, but from central government instead.  

Universities directly refunding money would be yet another huge financial loss, and simply an impossible one for many. We believe that the central government must step in and underwrite the loss from debt relief and refunds on tuition fees. This would ensure the financial viability of universities and a higher chance of an adequate provision for students in the long-term.  

Manchester SU has created a petition, which we have signed, detailing our demands. Around 10,000 students have already signed the petition, and it would be incredible if you could add your signatures to this as well.  

Sign the petition here>>  


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