22/05/2020 - Challenges for Placement Students and Disabled Students

We have been hearing feedback from disabled students, placement/ Year Abroad students about the specific challenges they're facing in light of the Covid-19 situation... And we want to hear more from these groups.

Disabled Students

  • Are you experiencing problems with course delivery, or with assessment?
  • Is there anything working particularly well for you in your department?
  • Do you feel like your reasonable adjustments are being met?
  • Has the University effectively communicated the decisions it’s made in relation to supporting students with their disabilities?
  • Do you feel the University has supported you in relation to your disability since the Covid-19 situation has begun?
  • Have you got concerns about the year ahead (given the changing situation means courses may not be delivered in the standard format).

Please share your experience here.

Placement/Year Abroad Students

  • Have you been on placement or studying abroad this year, or are due to go next year? If so, we want to hear about your experiences.
  • Do you have any concerns about how the Covid-19 situation is/ may impact on your placement/year abroad?
  • What has support from the University and your provider been like during/ in the lead up to your placement/year abroad in response to the current situation?
  • Is something working really well that you would like to share with us?

Please share your experience here.

We are working to ensure the University understand the student experience and the particular challenges faced by our student community during the current Covid-19 situation. Your feedback will help to create a clearer picture of what is needed to ensure students are supported as best as possible as well as highlight any outstanding issues.

If you don’t fall into one of these student groups but still want to share feedback about either your studies or general student experience during the Covid-19 situation, please get in touch with us here.

If you have a personal circumstance, or welfare issue that you would like to talk about, please see here the details of our Advice & Support team, who are here to provide confidential and impartial guidance.


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