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Hey guys!


How has everyone been? This is just another quick update from me and about what I’ve been up to the last couple of days!

We have been setting up meetings to start working on our priority list for the year and I am taking the lead in projects such as improving the access to the nursery on campus and decodifying IMCs to make them more accessible to students. Another big focus (which I have talked about in my manifesto) is improving the mental health services that the university has to offer. The process of this has already begun as well, which is just really exciting!

We have also had a couple more induction and introduction sessions as a part of our extended handover (there is loadssss to know about this job, it’s insane) which have been very interesting and informative. We met with campus services, had some quizzes and presentations about the societies and faith and cultural groups that we have as well as learned about what the finance office does (and how we work together with them… scary stuff).

I also had the opportunity to chair a few meetings which I really enjoyed doing! I volunteered to chair a couple of weekly Kickstart meetings which are rather low pressure and more informal, so it is a great way to get into the whole thing and learn what to do! I also got the chance to chair Leadership, which was slightly more formal, but I had a lot of help which made it a really good experience for me! These opportunities have been so useful for me to help to build my confidence (plus it forces you to really pay attention in the meeting which is always a plus haha).

We also just got back from the Lead and Change conference we attended at Roehampton University! It was such a great opportunity to learn some important skills that we will be useful for us during our time as officers, as well as to meet all the other SU SABs from different universities from across the UK! The connections we built over the last couple of days will definitely come handy at some point!

Peep us in London post-conference (and after I managed to bump heads with a puppy on the tube haha):

Anyways, this will be it for now, I will keep you guys updated about whatever comes in the future!




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